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The BCU International MBA combines an appreciation of the complex modern world of global business with an understanding of the key functional areas and skills necessary for success. It is an excellent preparation for those with an existing business background who aspire to senior management positions in a corporate environment, but also for entrepreneurial individuals from other professional backgrounds wishing to start their own businesses and for managers in the public sector.

Key modules will explore the impact of economic, geopolitical, social and environmental aspects of the dynamic world of international business. Others will focus on an understanding of the importance of marketing, finance, operations and human resource management for the success of an enterprise. The emphasis throughout will be on the development of strategic thinking, planning and implementation.

Extensive use of case studies, simulations and group projects will help you develop the key skills of analysis, judgement, problem solving and decision making and communication so crucial to successful leadership in an organisation.

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The course is designed to meet the needs of contemporary international businesses and blends academic excellence and professional skills, equipping you with marketable skills to operate and excel at strategic level across different sectors and in different countries. The course has a strong emphasis on employability and enhancing employability skills and will help you develop general communication and inter-personal skills.

You will emerge from our International MBA with well-developed powers of analysis, clear perspectives on strategy and strategic thinking, creative problem solving, an entrepreneurial mindset and highly effective communication and research skills – all of which are demanded by employers around the world.

Should you wish to start your own business, you will have the opportunity to explore and test your ideas in a supportive environment. The course has been designed to provide graduates with expertise in strategy, marketing, leadership, finance, global human resource management, international business, entrepreneurship, operations and project management, and research skills.

You become part of the international community while on the course, as you will study with students from different parts of the globe. Through our links with industry, the learning experience takes you away from the classroom into real world business situations and with our organised internship course, you have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience while you study.

In order to complete this course a student must successfully complete all the following CORE modules (totalling 140 credits):

  • Strategic Human Resource Management – 20 credits

This module will look at people, organisations and culture from a number of perspectives or views, and will require students to apply a number of theories, models and concepts. The module creates the space for students to ‘try out’ a number of concepts, in the relatively safe environment of the University.


  • Global Marketing Management – 20 credits

The module enables you to develop a thorough understanding of international Marketing theories and concepts. Students will be able to develop and apply global marketing strategies in the complex global environment. In addition, this module explores and evaluates the application of strategic marketing planning, implementation and controlling of international marketing strategies. Understanding the theory and application of international marketing in a diverse cultural context is central to marketing in the era of globalisation and regional integration.

  • Managing Financial Performance – 20 credits

This module aims to develop your understanding of the main financial objective of the firm i.e. wealth maximisation and how it is achieved through alignment of financial decisions under constraints from within and outside the organisation. The module covers topics such as financial statements analysis, budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, time value money, investment appraisal, working capital management, sources of capital and choice of capital structure.

  • International Operations and Project Management – 20 credits

The aim of this module is to introduce you to the intricacies of managing processes and projects in a global environment and how that can shape the competitive strategy of an organisation. The module commences with an examination of modern business drivers of competitive advantages through effective management of business operations and projects.


  • Strategic Leadership and Organizational Transformation – 20 credits

This module is about leadership at strategic level and the role of transformational leaders as catalysts for change in their organisations and whole industries. The module therefore focuses on two but clearly intertwined elements of strategic leadership and organisational transformation.

  • Enterprise, Innovation and Creativity – 20 credits

This module will provide insight into the nature and scope of entrepreneurship and innovation by critically analysing its role economic growth and the well-being of society. The module has been designed to allow you to explore this subject in detail including how new ventures are created.

  • Contemporary Strategic Management in Global Contexts – 20 credits

The aim of this module is to introduce you to key strategic issues in management in a global context. This is done by practitioner analysis of the impact of globalisation on management today and the relevance of core theories in management and global business.

Through a project based learning approach, this module seeks to bridge the gap between theories and the decision making process of solving real, complex business problems in a global setting.



In order to complete this course a student must successfully complete at least 40 credits from the following indicative list of OPTIONAL modules:

  • Dissertation (including Research Methods)  – 40 credits

The Dissertation provides the practical and theoretical focus for the MBA and is the culmination of the programme of study that requires you to undertake a piece of independent research that links theory to practice. This module enables you to build on and develop their professional management skills such as project management, problem solving, critical analysis and synthesis of data to produce appropriate research outcomes.

  • Management Project (including Research Methods) – 40 credits

This Internship Management Project module is the culmination of the programme of study that requires the student to undertake an internship for a period of 8 weeks. The internship provides the student with the opportunity to experience ‘real world’ employment and to also carry out independent research that looks to link theory to practice.

Course Fee: AED 45000 + 5 % VAT
Visa fee for international students: AED 5000

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