MA Fashion Management

The world of fashion is one of the globe’s fastest-growing industries as well as one of the most competitive. This course equips you with the skills and knowledge to succeed as a manager or entrepreneur in this exciting industry.

You will gain a technical understanding of the sector, combined with a solid foundation in management principles. We will help develop your overall understanding of the modern fashion industry and build a framework for success in a competitive environment.

how to apply

In order to complete this course you must successfully complete all the following CORE modules (totalling 180 credits):

➢ Research and Professional Skills 20 credits

The aim of this module is to introduce you to research skills and methods to allow you to craft your own research proposal, which will support and inform your major project module. You will choose your own area of interest relating to your specialism for research.

➢ Industry Practice and Context 20 credits

This module will introduce you to your specialist field, focusing on the key skills, issues and debates surrounding the creative industries and in your specialist field. Marketing and management theory will be put into the context of your specialism and relate to your growing awareness of the global nature of the creative industries.

➢ Leadership Development 20 credits

Leadership permeates across all organisations and levels of society and this module provides focus on how leadership is relevant across the creative sector including arts, design and media. Developing effective and responsible leaders in the creative sector helps to promote and enhance creativity at both the individual and sectoral level, benefiting creative industries overall.

This organic module examines contemporary issues relative to the leadership and management within the creative sector. These may include the functions and roles of leaders and aspects to lead to better decision making of managers, both from UK and international perspectives and delivered specifically for ADM students only.

➢ Global Strategy Development 20 credits

Global Strategy Development module offers an introduction to strategy concepts and practice while exploring how to develop strategies for large corporations and small or medium sized businesses.

➢ Project Management 20 credits

Successful Project Management within the creative sector (e.g. arts, media, design, broadcasting, luxury goods, building design, etc.) is essential to take ideas from beginning to fruition, assisting with the operationalising of new innovation and smooth delivery of essential tasks. The project management module explores issues within the creative sector.

➢ Global Fashion and Branding 20 credits

Taking an international attitude, this module focuses on the importance of brand adaptation to meet local market conditions. Assuming the role of Brand Manager, this module challenges you research a new market for an existing brand of your choice, then develop a sales & Distribution plan, and Marketing promotional plan for the first year of the brands entry into their new market.

➢ Major Project 60 credits

The purpose of the module is to enable you to undertake a sustained, in-depth and theoretically informed research project exploring an area that is of personal interest to you. It is important that we can support you appropriately, so you will be guided towards choosing a research topic which is relevant to your discipline and in which your lecturers have expertise.

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